Ship making waves when launched

Posted 2015-12-03


Posted 2015-12-02


Posted 2015-11-30

Woodworking porn

Posted 2015-11-28

A different way to animate

Posted 2015-11-21

Threading the needle

Posted 2015-11-19

Perfect magnets

Posted 2015-11-17


Posted 2015-11-16

This light keeps the leaves so warm, that they haven’t fallen off yet.

Posted 2015-11-09

What 200mph looks like on a motorcycle. Not that one. The other one.

Posted 2015-11-08

Amazing balancing skills.

Posted 2015-11-06

This Bob Ross painting has a satisfying twist.

Posted 2015-11-05

Time In Motion by Fong Qi Wei

Posted 2015-11-01

This art was done by a cave man 32,000 years ago.

Posted 2015-10-31

NASA’s newest depiction of a Black Hole consuming a Star

Posted 2015-10-26

An extremely rare rainbow-colored pileus iridescent cloud over Ethiopia.

Posted 2015-10-25

Green goblin

Posted 2015-10-22

“Dropped gopro and got a cool view of a Giraffe”

Posted 2015-10-20

Alcohol poured inside a polycarbonate bottle, sealed to contain the vaporizing liquid.

Posted 2015-10-18

Amazing Paper cut by Maude White.

Posted 2015-10-17