Just A Thought

Posted 2015-08-11

Room with mirrors on the floor, ceiling, and walls with transparent furniture.

Posted 2015-08-07

Swincar (Ultimate Off Road Four Wheeler)

Posted 2015-08-06


Posted 2015-08-03


Posted 2015-08-02

Photorealistic drawing of of a medieval helmet…

Posted 2015-08-01


Posted 2015-07-31

Pressure washing a filthy patio

Posted 2015-07-30

Removing tattoo using laser.

Posted 2015-07-17

Now that’s what I call cotton candy

Posted 2015-07-10

Camouflaged Shoes at the Discount Store Today!

Posted 2015-07-03

Church hit by lightning

Posted 2015-06-29

Thor’s Well, Oregon

Posted 2015-06-28

Cyclohexane boiling and freezing at the same time. (Triple Point)

Posted 2015-06-25

Hot Dog Precision

Posted 2015-06-24

Atolla Jellyfish

Posted 2015-06-09

How a snake uses a fence

Posted 2015-04-07

Well screw this guys talent.

Posted 2015-03-31

Wooden kinetic high wheel bicycle sculpture

Posted 2015-03-30

Great Defense.

Posted 2015-03-30