Simply Awesome

Posted 2015-10-16

Playing with Yourself

Posted 2015-10-14

LED pixel staff

Posted 2015-10-11

The speed with which orca catches up

Posted 2015-10-01

This Geode is off the chain

Posted 2015-09-23

This concrete lets water pass through it.

Posted 2015-09-18

Kinetic Sculpture

Posted 2015-09-13

Butterfly dropped in slow motion

Posted 2015-09-12

Beautiful see-through ice, found in Slovakian mountains.

Posted 2015-09-11

This Amazing 3D Painting Optical Illusion!

Posted 2015-09-09

Shaping christmas trees with swords

Posted 2015-09-04

Hot glass spiral

Posted 2015-08-29

Artichoke blooming

Posted 2015-08-28

Induction forge

Posted 2015-08-25

Super human.

Posted 2015-08-24

Clever Advertisement

Posted 2015-08-23

Mountain on fire in Tuscon, AZ

Posted 2015-08-22

This Giant Wall Sucks Carbon Dioxide Straight Out Of The Air. (Created by Canadian company Carbon Engineering)

Posted 2015-08-21

This is really innovative.

Posted 2015-08-20

Sunset curling up with a wave

Posted 2015-08-19