The story of a rock

Posted 2016-02-11

Fractal tesseract

Posted 2016-02-10


Posted 2016-02-06


Posted 2016-02-04

Missile accelerates at 100 g, reaching a speed of Mach 10 in 5 seconds. Begins to glow white-hot soon after launch.

Posted 2016-02-03

Harvesting olives

Posted 2016-02-02

Boulder opal

Posted 2016-02-01

Big wave incoming

Posted 2016-01-16

This Hotel in Singapore

Posted 2016-01-15

Mesmerizing cuttlefish

Posted 2016-01-13

Bi-directional model train figure 8

Posted 2016-01-11

3D-milled ice cube

Posted 2016-01-10

Clever 3-way joint

Posted 2016-01-08

Colorful fireworks

Posted 2015-12-16

Paris from the Eiffel Tower

Posted 2015-12-13

Transparent cube contains six different images

Posted 2015-12-11

Leitisvatn Lake.

Posted 2015-12-07

Leitisvatn Lake.

Posted 2015-12-06

Rollerblading down a mine

Posted 2015-12-05

Snakes moving between walls with different widths

Posted 2015-12-04