Quantum levitation

Posted 2017-04-14

This set of waves

Posted 2017-04-12

Transparent Tent

Posted 2017-04-10

3D-printed objects fit perfectly together

Posted 2017-04-09

Neatly Carved Apple

Posted 2017-04-07

Leaf Skiing In Cantal, France

Posted 2017-04-05

I believe this satisfies all criteria

Posted 2017-04-03

How to bubble gum

Posted 2017-03-31

Vacuuming a lit cigarette when the vacuum is filled with gunpowder

Posted 2017-03-29

The world’s tallest bridge in France

Posted 2017-03-10

Best Handball Penalty Ever

Posted 2017-03-09

Carbon nanotube is so light it floats

Posted 2017-03-05

Looking into a theatre from behind the stage.

Posted 2017-02-27

Escalator Long Exposure

Posted 2017-02-18

Shades of sunset

Posted 2017-02-15

Mildlyinfuriating Fixed.

Posted 2017-02-14

Earth’s groove during an earthquake

Posted 2017-02-12

Kyoto removing power poles

Posted 2017-02-11

The Milky Way over Yellowstone National Park

Posted 2017-02-06

Knife juggling trick

Posted 2017-02-03