robots making robots

Posted 2016-07-24

Painting Water

Posted 2016-07-19

Tumbleweed migration

Posted 2016-07-17

Thunderstorm photographed over the Pacific Ocean at night

Posted 2016-07-12

She is 10 years old.

Posted 2016-07-08

Driving up a dune

Posted 2016-06-22

Two Airplanes Landing Simultaneously

Posted 2016-06-21

Van Gogh on water.

Posted 2016-06-18

The Danish queen visits the Faroe Islands 53 years apart.

Posted 2016-06-17

The recently discovered Corsotta Jellyfish

Posted 2016-06-15

Dart through a key

Posted 2016-06-12

What kind of sorcery is this ?

Posted 2016-06-11

Crazy waterfall design at a wedding

Posted 2016-06-10

Chef’s impressive skill

Posted 2016-06-09

View from under the tap.

Posted 2016-06-08

Coming in for a landing

Posted 2016-05-28


Posted 2016-05-27

Mid air trade

Posted 2016-05-26

Gazelle jump in slow motion

Posted 2016-05-24

Mount Fuji, Japan.

Posted 2016-05-20