Whale swallows a school of sardines

Posted 2016-05-18

Ridiculous handstand push-up

Posted 2016-05-08

Native American Blue Fire Opal knife

Posted 2016-05-07


Posted 2016-05-06

Grape Agate

Posted 2016-05-05

Russian swing launch

Posted 2016-05-04

Burning Man at night

Posted 2016-05-02

Impressive tile art

Posted 2016-05-01

Hexstat probability demonstrator

Posted 2016-04-30

Kite Cycle Man.

Posted 2016-04-24


Posted 2016-04-22

Neighbors left their sprinklers on overnight. It dipped below freezing. Now they have a Narnia yard.

Posted 2016-04-17

Vortex fountain

Posted 2016-04-16


Posted 2016-04-14

Kyoto, Japan

Posted 2016-04-14

Niagara Falls from above

Posted 2016-04-09

Museum Lights

Posted 2016-04-08

Head popping

Posted 2016-04-06

Head dancing

Posted 2016-04-05

Double ball backflip

Posted 2016-03-20