Sergey Kovalev Elastic Head Ball Training.

Posted 2016-11-19

Japan fixes vast Fukuoka city sinkhole – in two days.

Posted 2016-11-18

These snow covered train tracks

Posted 2016-11-17

A Forest Service worker photographed a fire burning inside a tree while he’s fighting Western N.C. wildfires. He said there is no filter on the photo, rather, the fire is so hot this is its actual color.

Posted 2016-11-16

Pole Dancers doing the Mannequin Challenge.

Posted 2016-11-15


Posted 2016-11-14

Projection mapped art gallery exhibit

Posted 2016-11-11

Iranian Tiling

Posted 2016-11-10


Posted 2016-11-08

Unmelted Snow in the Shadows

Posted 2016-11-07

Beautiful Chemical Reaction Using Household Materials.

Posted 2016-11-04

Prague at sunset

Posted 2016-11-03

Thieving level Pro.

Posted 2016-10-29

That’s a big glass heart

Posted 2016-10-24

Pogo Jump, 11ft

Posted 2016-10-23

Removing tattoo using laser.

Posted 2016-10-19

Perfect Balance

Posted 2016-10-15

Twist On An Old Bartending Trick

Posted 2016-10-13

Robot opening this door

Posted 2016-10-06

Never trusting the news again

Posted 2016-10-03